With the end of Australian Manufacturing nigh, we thought it would be great to revisit some of the great vehicles that local production has brought us. So without delay, here is our list of our favourite Australian Built Cars under $20,000.



1. Ford Falcon FG Series

Cars under $20,000 number 1 FG XR6
The FG series XR6 has always looked fantastic.

The FG series Falcon is, in our eyes, the most attractive of the modern Australian built cars. Its lines were timeless and well proportioned. The XR models added some spice to the already attractive package by introducing the signature double headlight style that has made it an Australian icon.

The petrol engine choices were largely left unchanged from the BF series that preceded it. The standard V6 pumps out 195kw while the performance model turbo and v8 engine raise the bar by outputting 270kw and 290kw respectfully. The big change for the series was the new e-gas dedicated liquid LPG system which, to this day, is one of the best factory fitted LPG options available. While the LPG model was down on power (154kw), its gains in fuel economy made it the smart choice for many families.

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2. Holden Commodore VE Series


Australian Cars under $20,000 number 2: Commodore ve series
The SV Models of the VE series were muscular and bold in their design.

I still remember the buzz surrounding the launch of the VE series commodore back in 2006. “Australian manufacturing’s great white hope”. “$1 Billion Invested”. “Australia’s best locally built car”. I, like most people in the industry, was excited and we were not disappointed! Holden, as promised, did release a fantastic car in the VE series. The whole package was a huge step up from the VZ series which it had replaced.

There were 2 engine options available initially. A 3.6L V6 with 180Kw and the 260kw 6.0L Gen IV V8. A 3.0L sidi was later introduced into the range as a more fuel efficient option. While the engines were lower in power than their Ford counterparts, the overall package of the VE made it a more entertaining drive.

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3. Holden Crewman


Aussie cars under $20,000 number 3: Crewman SSV
The Crewman was Holden’s last attempt at a locally grown dual cab

With hordes of people buying dual cab ute’s, Holden thought they would be on to a winner with the Crewman. Unfortunately, sales did not meet expectations and the platform was abandoned as the VZ model Commodore was discontinued. This unique ute does offer something different for the savvy used car buyer.

While regular models were supplied with a pushrod 3.8L v6, the pick of the bunch are the SSV V8 specs. Where else can you buy a V8 Ute with a rear set of seats!

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4. Ford Territory


5 Australian cars under $20,000 - number 4: Ford Territory
The Ford Territory is a classy way of hauling around a family in comfort

The big Ford launched to much fanfare back in 2004. Based on the popular BA series Falcon, the Territory sold well on the back of its car like handling and spacious interior. It is powered by the same smooth and reliable v6 that powered the equivalent Falcon.

The Territory is available with a 7 seat option which increases the versatility of its interior. The interior itself is a pleasant place to be, with good levels of sound deadening and comfortable seats. The driving position is near on perfect and visibility is great all around the car.

Due to its sales success, there are a lot of Territories in the second hand market. However, its success has meant that it has not devalued as much as other models in a similar vintage. Expect to pay prices equivalent to 2-3 years its junior Falcon.

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5. Toyota Camry

5 Australian Cars under $20,000: Toyota Camry
The ever reliable Toyota Camry

A reliable stalwart of the Australian motor industry, the retiring Toyota is best appreciated as a means to an end. It will get you from A to B, nearly all of the time. The Camry’s reliability is legend. My own personal experience of this reliability came when I was in my early 20’s, and my then girlfriend was driving a Camry which was handed down from her dad. The car was a 1991 4cyl, crappy looking red coloured thing. It had 480,000km on the original engine. The service history was intermittent, the interior was worn and shabby, the paint had faded from the bonnet but the thing kept on running. When the rego ran out it was left abandoned on the nature strip for 6 months. When it was eventually towed away, the damn thing started and after blowing a bit of black smoke, ticked over just like it used to.

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